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Good evening, 

I would like to start off by saying THANKS, Save Your Properties,  Inc.!

You have truly blessed myself and my family thoughout this entire process. 

May 2013, we went to our mortgage company to seek help with a loan modification and in return was denied assistance. I was told by a family member to try to get assistance through Save Your Properties Inc. I was very leery about going through any programs but I took a chance.

We have been going 18months strong trying to get our loan approved. This is no easy task but at the end of the day it will be well worth it. I had headaches, the team was on me about getting things in...calling texting name it! I had to submit paperwork numerous times in order to have everything where it needed to be. We had to go through foreclosure and this is when I wanted to throw the towel in and just give up but this wonderful team wouldn't allow..Mrs Latrice Martin Gault told me her story, I read and saw it.  This process was long  but thank God 9/23/2014 it was indeed approved. I recommend Save Your Properties Inc to anyone in need of saving your home. 

I joined the company for the Secure my finance program and I was able to purchase my home within 9 months. My credit was horrible at first but with the help of the company I was pre approved and had my life back on track in no time. I even referred my cousin who was in foreclosure.
Amy W

Better Business Bureau®

Save Your Property was able to refinance my mortgage and I was able keep my home when I was facing foreclosure due to loss of employment. I was recommended by a former coworker whom experienced success with using SYP and I had no other options so I took the leap of faith and called them. And they are truly a Godsend. The entire process was quick and they handled everything as well as answered any questions I had. Thank you so much SYP for lowering my mortgage payments and keeping me in my home when I was facing a difficult time in my life

Latrice ***** is awesome. She's definitely good at what she does. She has assisted me on two separate occasions and my home was saved both times. The 1st time I fell behind, When I spoke with the bank they told me there was nothing they could do. I was like 16 months behind on my mortgage so they advised me to do s short sale. A co worker referred me to SYP and Latrice along with her team did the impossible. She did what the bank said couldn't be done, Saved my home. I got laid off from my job and fell behind again. This time when I contacted her I knew that my home would be saved again. I just got approved for my loan mod last week with a lower mortgage and a fixed interest rate. Thanks to Latrice and Save Your Property. She's the Best.
Mr. & Mrs. Sanders


Save Your Properties, Inc. (S.O.F.T Program) is truly an amazing company. They helped me and I know they can help you save your home. Tell them Sulaimon sent you.
Silaimon Haulcy Sr

  1. "We want to thank Save Your Property for helping us save our home. They program was easy to understan, which kept me and my husband claim while going through this scarey process. The team is very helpful and respond to their clients on a timely manner which I love.. If you are going through forecolsure please reach out to Save Your Property because they know the steps to get your home back...

    Thank You Save Your Property for giving us our home back The Brown Family"

    -Ayesha Brown

  2. Customer Service and knowledge is impeccable. The passion is second to none.. If you are trying to keep your property; this is who who need.

    -AJ Brooks reviewed Save Your Properties, Inc. (S.O.F.T Program) — 5 star

  3. This is no joke and if you are facing hardship, reach out to this company, they will assist you in taking the right steps on saving your property and getting your life in order. Follow the plan, it works!!!!

    -Cherise Jackson reviewed Save Your Properties, Inc. (S.O.F.T Program) — 5 star